Danielle Mercurio

Spiritual Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, &
Founder of Inner Effects Life Coaching

My purpose is to passionately love and live as I impact people’s lives and help them become happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

Where I Started

For many years I struggled emotionally, felt lost and was always trying to please others because I felt they were more important than I was. I would get so stuck in sadness and negative thoughts that turned into self-sabotaging behaviors, thinking they would make me feel better. But after some time, I realized it only made me feel worse and I knew that wasn’t the way out.
I began traveling to other countries and doing humanitarian work in search of my purpose in life. I spent time helping impoverished children learn about their own self-worth and how to take care of themselves. I’ve been blessed with so many fulfilling experiences which really opened my eyes, my mind and most importantly, my spirit. The connection I had to spirit and the people around me energized me and I could feel a spark inside of me that I hadn’t felt in years. I loved feeling like I was making a difference in this world. But, after returning to my normal routine, I would fall back into the same thoughts and unhealthy behaviors that would bring me down. I was still choosing things in the outside world as my source of love and worth and I wasn’t listening to my divine power inside of myself.

Mindset for Success

It was in 2010 when things started to really shift… I went through this life coaching process and started a meditation practice and that’s when positive things began to unfold with velocity! I finally learned how to go within to build a relationship with myself and my higher power.  My life on the outside starting changing as well. All of my relationships improved, I started my coaching business and was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and gratitude. I was fully committed to my personal and spiritual growth. I’ve learned that true happiness, peace and fulfillment can only come from within ourselves.
The inner journey I started has become a lifelong journey of learning, growth and transformation. Now I love sharing the tools that work for me to stay centered and allow my light to shine! I believe that we choose the meaning we assign things and that we are here to teach what we ourselves most need to learn. My purpose is to provide a sacred space for people to connect with their divine spirit and creator so they can lead a life full of meaning and happiness.

My Experience

Years of Life Coaching Experience
Happy Customers with References
Contests and Conferences attended
Days to a new, happier YOU

Education and Training

ACC Certified Life Coach through International Coaching Federation
Certified Mindset for Success Coach from The Gardner Institute
Bachelor’s Degree in International Business
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
A Course in Miracles Student
Fluent in French
Proficient in Spanish


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