What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is an investment in your most precious resource…YOU. I provide a sacred space for you to find the answers within yourself to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs that could be preventing you from living the life of your dreams.
This is an individualized process that creates awareness of these negative beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from being the best version of YOU. I provide you with unconditional support and a plethora of tools to create powerful personal growth from within.
I’ll guide you through a spiritual process of self-discovery where we focus on your inner life and help you connect with your divine power. I believe that you are the designer of your destiny!

What are the Benefits?

Approach challenges with confidence and clarity
Create a clear direction for your life
Create life balance for greater well-being and true inner-peace
Communicate effectively and compassionately for better relationships
Enjoy a whole new way of living authentically and fulfilled
Empower your life through present moment living
Develop true self-confidence and self-esteem
Change the mental, emotional, and behavior patterns that limit your life
A higher level of self-awareness
Access your imagination and inner resources
Work through obstacles and procrastination

How Coaching Works

We start with an initial complimentary consultation to assess where your personal and professional life needs attention. I will help you evaluate what you want to accomplish, and together, we will create an action plan.
Then, we’ll schedule 3 hour long coaching calls per month. The beauty of phone based coaching is that you can coach in the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or anywhere in the world!

Coaching vs Therapy

There is a distinct difference between coaching and therapy. Therapy assists individuals with healing the pain caused from past experiences or trauma. In therapy, the focus is often on the past or a diagnosis, while coaching focuses on the future. Coaching supports personal and professional growth and is action-oriented. Coaching enables the client to create an action plan to reach their desired outcomes.

Balance Wheel

Take the Balance Wheel Assessment to see what areas of life you’d like to make some improvements.

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